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Denton Recipients of the
Military Medal (MM),

The Military Medal (MM) was instituted by Royal Warrant on the 25 March 1916 and this allowed the medal to be awarded for services rendered during the Great War. It was awarded to non-commissioned officers and men for individual or associated acts of bravery on the recommendation of a Commander-in-Chief in the Field and it provided for the recipients’ names to be published in The London Gazette.

This award was notified without an accompanying citation describing the circumstances in which the Military Medal was gained beyond an occasional reference to the theatre involved.

The medal completed a three-level arrangement of army decorations, with the Victoria Cross (VC), for all ranks, at the highest level, then the Distinguished Service Order (DSO), for officers, and Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM), for other rank, and lastly, the Military Cross (MC) and Military Medal (MM) for officers of the rank of Captain or below, including Warrant Officers, and other ranks, respectively.

Battalion, Bn; Battery, Bty; Brigade, Bde; Company, Coy; Regiment, Regt;
Bombardier, Bomdr; Corporal, Cpl; Driver, Dvr; Guardsman, Gdsm; Gunner, Gnr; Private, Pte; Sapper, Spr; Serjeant, Sjt; Warrant Officer Class 2, WO2;
Acting, A; Lance, L.

ADKINSON Robert1 Sjt 265375 late 1511 6th Bn, Cheshire Regt Demob.
ADKINSON Walter Pte 71611 Machine Gun Corps Demob.
ADSHEAD Arthur Pte 350336 late 1644 9th Bn, Manchester Regt Demob.
ARRANDALE Jesse Pte 17353 King's Own Royal Lancaster Regt Demob.
BIRCH Arthur Cpl (A/Sjt) 293608 late 2615 136th Heavy Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery Demob.
BLADON James Pte 29316 8th Bn, King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regt) 1 Oct 1918
BOOTH Walter2 Pte 70884 Royal Army Medical Corps Demob.
BROWN John William Pte (A/L/Cpl) 33830 11th Bn, East Lancashire Regt Demob.
BULLOCK Robert William Gnr 56607 106 Bde, Royal Field Artillery Discharged
CALLAGHAN Thomas3 Sjt 14959 late B/916 62nd Coy, Machine Gun Corps 7 Oct 1917
CARTER Robert Pte 44940 12/13th Bn, Northumberland Fusiliers 26 Apr 1918
CLAYTON Henry Gnr 108615 Royal Field Artillery Demob.
CONDON John L/Cpl 18250 15th Bn, Royal Scots (Lothian Regt) 9 Apr 1917
CRESSWELL Colin Dvr 97394 "D" Bty, Royal Field Artillery Demob.
DALEY William Joseph4 Sjt 303461 late 4611 7th Bn, Manchester Regt late
9th Bn, Manchester Regt
21 Oct 1918
DEAN Frederick John L/Cpl 17187 4th Bn, Grenadier Guards 22 Apr 1918
EATON Percy Pte 1921 2nd Bn, Royal Munster Fusiliers 8 Nov 1919
EVANS Harry Cpl (A/L/Sjt) 19111 21st Bn, Manchester Regt Demob.
FIDLER John Pte 29713 "D" Coy, 2nd Bn, East Lancashire Regt 20 Nov 1917
GAYTER Alfred Cpl L/9463 Y/30 TMB Unit, Royal Field Artillery Demob.
GIBBONS Ralph Arthur Spr 253126 Royal Engineers 9 Dec 1919
GOODWIN Fred Cpl 706212 late 2291 Royal Field Artillery Demob.
GREENSMITH Edward Pte 241683 2/4th Bn, York and Lancaster Regt Demob.
HALLAM Sydney Pte 16683 8th Bn, East Lancashire Regt 23 Nov 1916
HAWKINS William Cpl 95299 12th Bn, King's (Liverpool Regt) 30 Jun 1918
HILL Fred Pte EMT/54847 late 13031 King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment Demob.
HOWARD Harry Sjt 40340 20th Bn, Manchester Regt 9 Aug 1918
HUMPHRIES William Pte 354279 Royal Army Medical Corps Demob.
JOHNSON Charles Richard Gnr 706231 Royal Field Artillery Demob.
KEATE Arnold Edward Gdsm 28598 Reserve Bn, Grenadier Guards Discharged
KEYWORTH Frederick Burgess5 L/Bomdr 57499 120nd Siege Bty, Royal Garrison Artillery 9 Apr 1918
KING Edwin6 L/Cpl 2003 2nd Bn, Manchester Regt Demob.
LEACH Charles Pte 354166 late 339 Royal Army Medical Corps Demob.
MORRIS William Cpl 18006 1st Bn, King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regt) 4 Jan 1918
OLDHAM Arden Pte 10694 1/7th Bn, Cheshire Regt Demob.
REILLY Walter Gnr 36559 Royal Field Artillery Discharged
ROBERTS Isaac Henry Sjt 7362 90th Coy, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) 3 Oct 1917
ROBERTSON Douglas Robert Pte then Sjt 109571 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles Bn 15 Sep 1916
SIDEBOTHAM Harry Cpl 18154 20th Bn, Manchester Regt 6 Oct 1918
STENTON Louis Pte 67444 Royal Army Medical Corps Demob.
TAYLOR Thomas7 Pte 52464 late 1500 6th Bn, Cheshire Regt Discharged
THOMAS Alfred L/Cpl 4109 Royal Fusiliers Demob.
THORNHILL Stanley Cpl (A/Sjt) 354207 late 412 3rd Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps Demob.
WALSH John Cpl 23285 Machine Gun Corps Demob.
WARD Horace George Sjt then A/WO2 15844 18th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers Demob.
WEEKS Walter Pte 14684 9th Bn, Cheshire Regt Demob.
WILDE William Pte 351825 1/5th Bn, Manchester Regt Demob.
WILKINSON Matthew Mitchel8 Sjt 12572 "A" Bty, 102nd Bde, Royal Field Artillery Demob.
WILKINSON William Henry Gnr 53794 (53194 Gazette) Royal Garrison Artillery Demob.
WINTERBOTTOM Irvine Cpl (A/L/Sjt) 30356 9th Bn, Manchester Regt Demob.
WOOLFENDEN Ronald Pte PS/5969 20th Bn, Royal Fusiliers 18 Aug 1916
WYCH Alan Sjt 139338 late 48332 37th Bn, Machine Gun Corps Demob.

1 ADKINSON Robert: Also awarded the 1914 Star (Mons Star).
2 BOOTH Walter: Also awarded two bars to the Military Medal.
3 CALLAGHAN Thomas: Also awarded a bar to the Military Medal.
4 DALEY William Joseph: Also awarded a bar to the Military Medal.
5 KEYWORTH Frederick Burgess: Also awarded a bar to the Military Medal.
6 KING Edwin: Also awarded the 1914 Star and a Clasp to the 1914 Star.
7 TAYLOR Thomas: Also awarded the 1914 Star.
8 WILKINSON Matthew Mitchel: Also awarded the Medal for Military Valour in Bronze (Italy).
  He was born in Spalding, Lincolnshire, in 1883 and subsequently he was resident in March,
  Cambridgeshire. By 1919 he was living on Clare Street, Denton.

Military Medal (MM)

Military Medal Bar Clasp

Medal for Military Valour in Bronze

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