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9th Battalion of the Manchester Regiment
(Ashton Territorials or Ashton Pals)
Men from Denton who served with the 9th Battalion
Documented in 1919

This roll of Denton men who served with the 9th Battalion of the Manchester Regiment (Ashton Pals) during the Great War is based on the Roll of Honour compiled by Denton Urban District Council in 1919. In that year council enumerators toured the district collecting as many names as possible of those who served. Although the list is incomplete, every effort has been made to ensure that the information is as accurate as possible but it cannot be guaranteed that it is so in every instance.

During the Great War each battalion could actually consist of up to three discrete battalions and in order to avoid confusion these were numbered, for example, the 1/9th, 2/9th and 3/9th. In principle the 2/9th and 3/9th were assigned as reserves for the 1/9th. However, casualty records show that the 2/9th battalion, and sometimes the 3/9th battalion, was deployed on the front line whenever a demand arose. Often, these were not identified in official records, so none are shown in this roll.

Private, Pte; Acting Lance Corporal, A/L/Cpl; Lance Corporal, L/Cpl; Corporal, Cpl; Acting Serjeant, A/Sjt; Serjeant, Sjt.

Name Rank Service
ADSHEAD Arthur MM Pte 1644 then 350336 Demobilised Manchester Rd
ADSHEAD George Willie Pte 4796 then 352289 attd 12th Bn,
The King's (Liverpool Regt)
3 September 1916 Catherine St
ADSHEAD William Pte 1863 15 August 1915 Manchester Rd
ANDREWS John William Pte 1314 29 August 1915 Frederick St
ARTINGSTALL Arthur James Pte 351468 Discharged Tib St
ARTINGSTALL William Gardner Pte 3303 then 351467 9 October 1917 Bowden St
BANCROFT Charles Ernest Pte 352684 then 604664 in
Labour Corps
Demobilised Booth St
BIRKBY Edward Eric Pte 352457 9 October 1917 Manchester Rd
BOON Fred Pte 1459 Demobilised Milton St
BOOTH Clarence Pte 3340 8 December 1915 Pearl St
BOOTH John Pte 351764 Demobilised Lyndhurst Ave
BOSWELL George Pte 1566 Discharged Stockport Rd
BRADBURN Anthony Pte 4441 9 September 1916 Market St
BRADY John William Pte 1457 9 July 1915 Born in Denton
in 1883
BRIERLEY John William Pte 2222 then 62433 in
Machine Gun Corps
Demobilised Nield St
BROTHERTON Harold Pte 352473 then 378593 in
Labour Corps
Discharged Ashton Rd
COLLINS John Pte 3421 then 277727 in
Durham Light Infantry
Demobilised Palatine St
COOKE John Wright Pte 1462 then 350228 23 March 1918 Ashton Rd
COWPERTHWAITE Richard Pte 352246 then 87873 in
Royal Defence Corps
Demobilised Wilton St
DALEY William Joseph
MM & Bar
Sjt 4611 then 303461 in
7th Bn, Manchester Regt
21 October 1918 Haughton Hall
DAVENPORT Charles Pte 352122 9 October 1917 Manchester Rd
DICKIN Frank Pte 352142 Discharged Holland St
DUNKERLEY John Pte 3365 then 351511 Demobilised Bowden St
EARNSHAW James L/Cpl 1000 9 June 1915 Mount Pleasant Rd
EASTWOOD John Pte 1664 then 238341 in
Herefordshire Regt
Demobilised Ashton Rd
EVANS Thomas Lewis Pte 1384 7 June 1915 Highfield St
FELL Frank A/Cpl 2771 then 141754 in
Machine Gun Corps
Demobilised Royle St
FELL Herbert Pte 350912 then 235723 in
East Lancashire Regt
Demobilised Royle St
FIDLER Samuel Pte 350833 Discharged Stockport Rd
FIELDING Arthur Pte 353010 Demobilised Elizabeth St
GALLIMORE John Henry Pte 352347 Discharged Seymour St
GRICE Wilfred Boden Pte 352178 later served in
18th Bn, Manchester Regt
23 April 1917 Manchester Rd
GRIMSHAW Robert Sjt 1202 then 350105 Demobilised Fern Bank St
HAGERTY Richard Henry
Sjt 350808 Discharged Ashton Rd
HARDY Walter Pte 2293 then 305713 Discharged Clare St
HARGREAVES Harold L/Cpl 1952 then 350505 17 March 1918 Denton resident
HEGINBOTTOM John Pte 3483 27 April 1916 Seymour St
HIRST Herbert Pte 352138 Demobilised Manchester Rd
HOWARTH Harry Pte 3173 then 351375 Discharged Moorside Ln
HULME James Pte 3169 Discharged Ashton Rd
HURLEY Vincent Patrick Pte 350770 9 October 1917 Cricket St
JONES Henry Cpl 352470 Discharged Two Trees Ln
KELLY Edward Pte 1922 12 July 1915 Water St
KNOWLES Fred Pte 4550 Discharged Catherine St
LATHAM Archibald DCM Pte 1697 then 350367 Demobilised Stockport Rd
LEE Mark Pte 4436 then 268438 in
The King's (Liverpool Regt) then
366743 in Royal Engineers
Demobilised Gibraltar Ln
LOMAS David Pte 352692 then 585004 in
Labour Corps
Demobilised Angel St
LOWE Tom Pte 2599 then 350949 Demobilised Heaton St
MARGERISON Edward L/Cpl 350900 28 November 1917 Frederick St
MARLOR Charles Edward Cpl 2322 then 350735 in
6th Bn, Manchester Regt
26 March 1918 Ashton Rd
MARLOR Nathan Pte 10830 then 623821
in Labour Corps,
(served in other Manchester Bns)
Discharged Booth St
MITCHESON William Cpl 1920 26 June 1915 Born in Denton
in 1884
MOORES George William Pte 1422 then 201601 in
Labour Corps
Demobilised James Court
MOSS Harold Pte 1628 then 350325 Demobilised Lyndhurst Ave
MOTTERSHEAD James Thomas Pte 1958 then 47347 Discharged Seymour St
NASH Albert Pte 351792 Demobilised Ashton Rd
PARKIN William Pte 39738 Demobilised Stockport Rd
PARKINS Alfred A/L/Cpl 497 then 203481 in
Lancashire Fusiliers
Discharged Ashton Rd
RACKSTRAW Thomas Pte 1737 then 39650 in
Machine Gun Corps
Discharged Ashton Rd
RADCLIFFE Thomas Sjt 1199 then 350103
& 3516726
Demobilised Wilde St
RAMSDALE James William Pte 1313 Discharged High St
RAWSON William Pte 4547 then 352196 20 June 1917 Enlisted in
RICHARDSON Henry Pte 463 Discharged Grosvenor St
RIDGWAY Samuel Pte 352154 20 May 1917 Hyde Rd
RILEY Arthur Pte 1766 then 350396 Discharged Belgrave St
ROWLAND William A/Sjt 1451 then 350221 Demobilised Manchester Rd
RUSSELL William Edward Pte 2833 then 351121 Demobilised Cross St
SEDDON George Sjt 22215 Demobilised Apsley Rd
SENIOR George Pte 352462 Demobilised Tib St
SKIRVIN Edward Pte 352238 9 May 1917 West St
SMITH Whitham Pte 21071 30 May 1917 Heaton St
STOPFORD Albert Cpl 351126 20 July 1917 Moorside Ln
THICKETT Frank DCM Sjt 1969 then 350516 21 March 1918 Thornleys Rd
THREADGOLD Harry L/Cpl 352143 9 October 1917 Stockport Rd
VACHER Cyril Bertram Pte 75064 Demobilised Gibraltar Ln
WALKER Lewis Pte 4497 7 September 1916 Beatrice St
WATSON Percy Lawrence Pte 1758 25 June 1915 James Court
WHIPP Joseph Pte 1629 then 350326 Demobilised Pearl St
WILKINSON Reuben Pte 78453 Demobilised Hartford St
WILLIAMS James Pte 1201 then 350104 Discharged Kynder St
WINTERBOTTOM Irvine MM A/L/Sjt 30356 Demobilised Forshaw St
WOODRUFF Percy A/Cpl 1659 then 350346 Demobilised Tame St
WOOLFENDEN Edward Pte 8983 then 89171 in
Royal Defence Corps
Demobilised High Bank

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