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The following is a roll of some of the miners living in the vicinity of Denton Colliery and it is in two parts. The first part is for Denton and the second is for Haughton. Names were obtained from the census, which was taken on the night of the 2/3 April 1871. This roll does not purport to be complete. Unless stated otherwise, the men were all coal miners, that is, they were hewers of coal working underground.


Surname (Age)ForenamesAddressComments
STOPFORD (61)WilliamStockport RdCoal Carrier
HULME (17)JamesStockport Rd
WRIGHT (45)HenryStockport RdFireman
HAGUE (28)JohnStockport Rd
BLACKSHAW (30)WilliamStockport RdBlacksmith
HARRISON (51)JohnStockport Rd
HARRISON (20)William
HARRISON (11)John HCoal Mill?
St (43) [?]SamuelChapel GreenLabourer & Navy Pensioner
JACKSON (13)RobertChapel Green
BROMLEY (41)WilliamChapel Green
BROMLEY (13)John
ARROWSMITH (33)RobertChapel Green
HARDMAN (56)ThomasChapel Green
HARDMAN (19)John
ROBINSON (18)William HChapel GreenLabourer
ANDREW (26)SamuelChapel Green
ANDREW (29)WilliamChapel Green
ANDREW (16)Samuel
HARRISON (47)GeorgeAcre StFireman
HARRISON (15)Peter
DILKS (35)ThomasAcre StLabourer
BOWKER (36)JamesAcre St
INGHAM (34)SamuelAcre StEngineer
ARROWSMITH (39)HenryTown Ln
MORTON (45)JohnTown LnCarter
JACKSON (42)JohnTown LnBrakeman
ARUNDALE (17)JosephTown Ln
WILLIAMSON (62)JamesTown Ln
ARROWSMITH (33)SamuelTown Ln
DAY (31)SamuelTown LnCarter
NEWTON (42)JosephTown Ln
ARROWSMITH (23)SamuelTown Ln
GEE (16)JosephTown Ln
TURNER (35)JohnStockport Rd
INGHAM (33)ThomasStockport Rd
SIMPSON (46)AbrahamStockport RdUnderlooker
SIMPSON (18)Thomas
SHAW (18)Thomas
SHAW (16)Edward
MAYERS (26)AlfredEngine Driver
SMITH (38)RichardStockport RdManager
HANCOCK (24)William
WRIGHT (25)AaronStockport Rd
MORRIS (56)JamesStockport Rd
MORRIS (17)Joseph
MORRIS (14)Thomas
DOODSON (24)JohnStockport RdBookkeeper
COWCILL (44)RichardStockport Rd
COWCILL (17)John I
COWCILL (15)Richard
COWCILL (12)William
COLLIER (39)JamesStockport Rd
COLLIER (15)Henry
ATKINSON (50)ThomasStockport Rd
DIGGLE (35)HenryStockport Rd
ARUNDALE (21)John12 Fletcher St
LOMAX (59)Joseph14 Fletcher StEngine Driver
HARRISON (61)Joseph16 Fletcher St
HARRISON (26)George
LONGWORTH (55)Peter18 Fletcher StEngine Driver
SMITH (32)Robert20 Fletcher St
ROTHWELL (49)Peter22 Fletcher StCoal Proprietor¹
PERRIN² (15)Thomas7 Beat Bank
WALKER² (45)William13 Beat Bank
WALKER (19)James
DEWHURST (66)John8 Reddish Vale³Coal Dealer


INGHAM (39)Alfred2 Patch Field
INGHAM (11)John HenryWaggoner
LEACH (49)Samuel5 Patch FieldCoal Agent
SHAW (22)Joseph1 East View
ARUNDALE (25)Samuel2 East ViewCoal Carter
SOMERTON (39)William3 East View
BENNETT (51)James4 East View
BENNETT (25)William
BENNETT (11)NobleWaggoner
STANSFIELD (50)John1 Colliers RowUnderlooker at a Bredbury Colliery
ANDREW (15)WilliamAt a Bredbury Colliery?
THORNLEY (15)JohnAt a Bredbury Colliery?
WEBSTER (20)George2 Colliers Row
FARRON (36 )Squire3 Colliers Row
HARDMAN (28)George4 Colliers Row
TURNER (30)George
LLOYD (57)Philip6 Colliers Row
LLOYD (15)JamesWaggoner
LLOYD (28)William
HATTON (53)James7 Colliers RowCoal Carter
HOWARTH (12)Oliver1 Moorfield Cottage
HARRISON (24)George
LEACH (25)James1 Leach's BuildingBookkeeper
BROWN (23)Samuel2 Leach's Building
BREDBURY (49)Samuel3 Leach's Building
SWINDELLS (42)Eli5 Leach's BuildingBanksman
REDFERN (25)Jarvis6 Leach's Building
HARROP (32)Eli7 Leach's Building
LONGWORTH (56)JohnChapel House
HAGUE (33)William1 Prospect Place
TAYLOR (48)Samuel4 Prospect Place
AXON (47)John5 Prospect Place
DRABBLE (15)John6 Prospect Place
COOKE (25)William8 Prospect PlaceCoal Minder?
HARRISON (23)James9 Prospect Place
LONGWORTH (26)James12 Prospect Place
GASKELL (47)Hiriam15 Prospect Place
HAGUE (28)Robert17 Prospect Place
HAGUE (35)Jarvis
MOORES (21)Edwin18 Prospect Place
TAYLOR (30)Samuel22 Prospect Place
LONGWORTH (50)Thomas4 Burrow's Building
JACKSON (37)Thomas2 Burrow's Building
EVANS (30)Oliver5 Stopford's Building
WORTH (35)Samuel1 Worth's Building
WORTH (40)Thomas4 Worth's Building
CLARKE (22)JamesHarrison's Building
LOMAS (30)OliverBetty Worth's
BENNETT (36)James1 Shittim Alley
MILLS (25)John
WOOD (30)John2 Shittim Alley
MALPAS (41)Michael4 Shittim AlleyMining Deputy (Safety Officer)
WILDMAN (58)William5 Shittim Alley
WILDMAN (29)William
ALDRED (37)Enoch Shittim Alley
ALDRED (11)John W
SHAW (19)John Shittim Alley
SHAW (16)ThomasWaggoner
SHAW (15)SamuelWaggoner
GRUNDY (50)Robert Shittim Alley
GRUNDY (18)Gamelial
REDFERN (48)William1 Shaw's Building
REDFERN (18)Samuel
WILDE (59)George2 Shaw's Building
EDGE (45)Henry3 Shaw's BuildingBlacksmith
BARDSLEY (36)George4 Shaw's BuildingCoal Carter
BARDSLEY (22)George
GREENHALGH (30)James5 Shaw's BuildingBanksman
FISHER (36)James6 Shaw's BuildingUnemployed
CLARK (39)Henry1A Haughton's BuildingFireman
TAYLOR (58)William3 Haughton's BuildingCoal Wheeler
REDFERN (76)Matthew3 Taylor's BuildingRetired
REDFERN (41)Robert
BRADWELL (32)Abraham4 Taylor's Building
EDGE (24)Fergus1 Back Barrell
HAGUE (27)Hugh2 Back Barrell
ANDREW (43)George5 Back Barrell
WILLIAMSON (44)David6 Back Barrell
BUNTEY (61)William7 Back BarrellCoal Drawer
REDFERN (37)ThomasBramall's Building
STANSFIELD (40)JamesBramall's Building
STANSFIELD (54)AaronCoal Wheeler
HALLOWELL (42)Joseph
BROWN (62)JamesBrooke's BuildingCoal Carrier
DRABBLE (36)RobertMoores Ln
KNIGHT (26)William2 Colliers Row
STANSFIELD (46)John3 Colliers Row
PICKLES (22)James4 Colliers Row
PICKLES (18)Arthur
PICKLES (13)Joseph
ARROWSMITH (45)WilliamAlbert Terrace
RICHARDSON (35)JohnWolley's Building
REDFERN (50)JosephWolley's Building
JACKSON (35)JosephWolley's BuildingCoal Carter
JACKSON (13)JohnWolley's BuildingLabourer
BARRON (46)JonathanWolley's BuildingCoal Carter
AXON (35)PeterCoal Pit Hill
AXON (11)Thomas
REDFERN (67)JosephRidings Ln
REDFERN (33)Thomas

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