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Bradford Colliery, Bradford, Manchester

Roll of Coal Miners in 1841

The following is a roll of miners who were living in the Bradford area. Their names were obtained from the census, which was taken on the night of the 6/7 June 1841. The list does not purport to be complete as there would be miners living outside the village and not everyone would have made a census return. The adjacent village of Beswick was searched but no miners were found living there. It is understood that Bradford village supplied most of the colliery's manpower until about 1870.

Name (Age)Address
ARANDALE Thomas (25)Ashton New Road
JOHNSON Richard (40)Ashton New Road
JOHNSON Francis (38)Ashton New Road
KENYON John (18)Ashton New Road
PHILPOT William (40)Ashton New Road
PHILPOT Richard (19)Ashton New Road
PHILPOT Aaron (14)Ashton New Road
SIDDALL Thomas (35)Ashton New Road
THORNTON John (20)Ashton New Road
THORNTON James (15)Ashton New Road
THORNTON Samuel (11)Ashton New Road
BESWICK Benjamin (45)Ashton Old Road
BESWICK James (15)Ashton Old Road
BROADHURST Thomas (20)Ashton Old Road
ECKERSLEY John (20)Ashton Old Road
HANDLEY Thomas (30)Ashton Old Road
HANDLEY John (23)Ashton Old Road
OGDEN Joel (25)Ashton Old Road
SCHOLES Philip (23)Ashton Old Road
TIPTON John (40)Ashton Old Road
WELCH Charles (20)Ashton Old Road
DUNCUFF James (50)Bailey Street
DUNCUFF John (26)Bailey Street
DUNCUFF William (14)Bailey Street
DUNCUFF James (10)Bailey Street
HANDLEY Joseph (19)Bailey Street
LIVESEY William (53)Bailey Street
LIVESEY William (17)Bailey Street
LIVESEY John (14)Bailey Street
VICKERS John (19)Bailey Street
VICKERS William (14)Bailey Street
BLEASE John (14)Bradford Grange
MURGATROYD William (50)Bradford Lane, Colliers Square
MORGAN John (22)Bradford Lane, Colliers Square
SINGLETON Peter (21)Bradford Lane, Colliers Square
PORTER Thomas† (53)Bradford Lane, Gleden House
WHITTLE William (35)Bradford Road
WHITTLE William Walker (11)Bradford Road
OGDEN James (12)Gleden Brow
BREDBURY Joseph (60)Steam Engine, Bradford Vale
BREDBURY Charles (20)Steam Engine, Bradford Vale

†The Manchester and Salford Trade Directory for 1832 lists Thomas Porter as a Coal Master of Bradford. Although he is shown as a Collier on the 1841 Census he was, in fact, the Proprietor of Bradford Colliery.