Additional Hat Manufacturers


Hibbert & Co, Hat Manufacturers,
of Victoria Hat Works, Denton Rd, Hooley Hill, Audenshaw
The proprietor of Hibbert & Co was William Hibbert and the works was situated on Denton Rd about 108 yards south of its junction with Guide Lane, as the junction was originally configured. This company was still trading in 1901 but following the death of William Hibbert in 1902 Joseph Wood & Sons moved into Victoria Hat Works.

Directories for 1896-1906 recorded the following hat manufacturers at Victoria Hat Works:

1896: Hibbert & Co and Cooke & Fielding. The latter proprietors were George Cooke and James Fielding.
1897-1902: Hibbert & Co.
1903-1906: Joseph Wood & Sons.

William Hibbert was born at Mellor, Derbyshire, in 1829/30 to Thomas Hibbert and Martha. He married Sarah Ann Hartley at St Mary’s Church, Cheadle, Cheshire, in 1872. In 1901 he was resident on Denton Rd with his wife and children, Martha Jane (26), Edwin (23), Gertrude (19) and Annie Elizabeth (16). He died at Ashton-under-Lyne in 1902, aged 72 years. In 1911 his widow was resident on Corporation Rd, Audenshaw, with her children, Martha Jane (36), Gertrude (29) and Annie Elizabeth (27).

The former Victoria Hat Works when it was being used by the YMCA. Later, it was used as a public library and then as a confectionary warehouse. A new library, in the Art Deco Style, was built in 1939 adjacent to the Stamford Cinema that stood at the junction of Denton Rd and Stamford Rd.

The original hat works was eventually demolished and replaced by a block of flats. The architect copied the gable roof feature in the centre of the façade. The library closed on the 22 Apr 1989 and was demolished soon afterwards. The Stamford Cinema was operational from the early 1920s until the 1 June 1957. Following its closure as a cinema the façade was rebuilt to make the building suitable for commercial purposes. It is still extant but much altered.

Claytons Farm, early 20th century.

The Stamford Cinema was built on the site of Claytons Farm and the terraced houses just visible on the right.

Worsley & Brelsford, Hat Manufacturers,
Audenshaw Rd, Audenshaw
The works was situated on the south side of Audenshaw Rd adjacent to King’s Rd. The business was founded by George Worsley, Joseph Brelsford and Ralph Ashton and originally it traded as Worsley, Brelsford, and Ashton. On the 17 Apr 1878 this partnership was dissolved when Ralph Ashton stepped down but the business continued with George Worsley and Joseph Brelsford as partners under the style of Worsley & Brelsford. The company was still trading in 1906.

Walter Richardson, Hat Manufacturer,
Denton Rd, Hooley Hill, Audenshaw
This business was founded by Charles Smith, John Pollitt and Walter Richardson on Denton Lane (Denton Rd), Hooley Hill, by Charles Smith, John Pollitt and Walter Richardson and originally it traded as Smith, Richardson, and Pollitt. On the 2 December 1881 this partnership was dissolved when Charles Smith and John Pollitt stepped down but the business continued with Walter Richardson as the proprietor under the style of Walter Richardson.

In 1911 he was resident on Guide Lane, Hooley Hill, with his sister, Hannah (58) and niece Emma Richardson Shelmerdine (36). He died at Audenshaw on the 5 Jul 1938, aged 88 years.

Robert Fox & Co, Hat Manufacturers,
Stamford Works (otherwise Audenshaw Works), Audenshaw
Little is known about this company. It was founded by Robert Fox and Edward Booth but this partnership was dissolved on the 19 Jul 1924 when Edward Booth stepped down as a partner. Robert Fox continued the business on his own account under the same style.