Parish Church of St Anne

Church of St Anne, St Anne's Road, Haughton
This church was built in 1881/82 under the patronage of Joseph Sidebotham (1824-85), of Bowden, Cheshire, and formerly of the Strines Printing Company. The architects were Messrs Medland and Henry Taylor of Manchester who were James Medland Taylor (aka Medland, 1834-1909) and Henry Medland Taylor (aka Henry, 1837-1916). It is brick built with a tile roof and is cruciform in plan with a crossing tower. It is notable for its interior which has outstanding craftsmanship in stone, glass, ceramics (mosaics) and iron. The glass is by Heaton Butler and Bayne and the mosaics are by Salviati & Co of Venice.

Church of St Anne, 24 July 2005.

Conservation Area of Special Interest
St Anne's Church, Haughton, was designated a Conservation Area, under the Civic Amenities Act 1967, Chapter 69, on the 25 March 1992.