Clough Head (or Old Dolly) Pit & Dolly (or Barn) Pit to New Road Lime Kilns, Bugsworth
Coal to fire the New Road (or Top) Kilns was supplied from Clough Head (or Old Dolly) Pit and Dolly (or Barn) Pit, both to the north near Cloughhead), and probably from Lady Pit (to the north-north-west near Gowhole). Bugsworth Hall Pit and Bugsworth Colliery would also have supplied coal. Bugsworth Hall Pit was situated to the west of Bugsworth Hall and Bugsworth Colliery was situated higher up the hillside beside Dolly Lane on its west side. Additional coal was also boated in from Whaley Bridge and New Mills.

To facilitate the supply of coal from Clough Head (or Old Dolly) Pit it was connected to the head of the kilns by a ⅞-mile long single-track tramway running down the hillside that was constructed in c.1799. In c.1850 a branch was constructed from this to the younger Dolly (or Barn) Pit lower down the hillside.

There is a possibility that coal from Lady Pit was also transported on the Clough Head Tramway after being carted to it but there is no evidence for this.